Top 5 reasons to get a Revolut card

Having a Revolut account is one of those things that doesn’t seem like it does much until you start using it. Once you use it, you will fall in love with it and won’t be able to live without it.

The main reasons to get Revolut

1. Instant transfers to friends, family, anyone really

It becomes so easy to transfer money to your friends and family. Just open the app, find their contact on your phone and enter the amount to transfer. That easy. The money is transferred instantly.

Splitting the cost of a present, splitting a coffee bill, paying rent, you will be surprised how many times you will be reaching for the app to transfer money.

2. No exchange rate markups

One of the benefits of Revolut is that they do not charge a fee when you exchange money between one currency and another. Most banks typically mark up the middle rate between two currency by 2-3% which is how they make their cut but Revolut charge the middle rate.

If you’re buying something online in a foreign currency or travelling and making purchases with your credit card then Revolut is definitely the way to go. I’ve saved over €100 in one year just by using this card instead of my traditional credit card.

3. Easy transfers to traditional bank accounts

With Revolut, the great thing is that they have kept support for the older ways to do banking. If you need to make an IBAN transfer you can simply enter the details through the app and make a transfer (free of charge). Revolut will also store the details for future or recurrent transfers

4. Instant notifications when a charge is made

With traditional credit cards you don’t know what has been charged to your account until you receive your statement or log into an online banking system and review all the transactions made. With Revolut, every transaction is immediately shown on your phone as a notification. If someones attempts a fraudulent charge on you card and will noticed immediately.

5. Virtual Cards

How many times have you wanted to purchase something online but weren’t sure if it's safe to pass on you credit card details? With Revolut you can create a virtual credit card at any time in the app. Use the virtual card for an online purchase and then disable it right away to make sure no further charges are made.

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